Due to the ballooning confirmed cases of COVID-19 worldwide, people are told to stay at home and retain social distance from others. This circumstance is especially challenging for aged people with failing memory, who commonly manage their pills-taking under other people’s help or coordination.

Despite that 80% of the population in the world take medications or dietary supplements regularly, more than half of them, astoundingly, are not adhering to their medication schedules. Not only healthcare spending is wasted, the person him- or herself also physically suffered from the inappropriate dosage.

That’s why we come up with the idea, to help people easily manage their pills-taking, and to allow people who care about each other stay in one loop even they are physically apart.

What it does

This solution is consisted of smart pill cases (named Pillcase), mobile app, and our independently developed cloud service.

Although smart pill container is a commonplace, Pillcase, as its-first-of-kind to apply AI technology and reinforcement learning, is able to adapt and accommodate to suit you better. According to user’s specific dosing behavior and their responsive rate to different kinds of reminders, Pillcase adopts pertinent reminding mechanism to draw user’s attention. Moreover, by learning the dosing history, our solution analyzes the variation of your dosing time, hereby, recommends adjustments of your dosing schedule, maintaining a stable drug concentration in your blood.

We coalesce modular design philosophy into the Pillcase device. It is composed by several detachable compartments, including controller, two-size cases, and several subpacks with divider. Users are capable to customize their own very personalized Pillcase by sliding and switching different parts to the controller depending on the sizes, packages and dosages of the pills they are taking. Pillcase is designed to be transformable to any formats, to fit into multifarious modern life patterns.

With the Pillcase mobile app, users are able to set dosing schedule, check drug-drug-interaction among the pills they are taking, or browse their dosing history. People can also remotely configure Pillcase device for their friends or family who are not tech savvy with the app. More importantly, users can get anyone they want onboard to help them, or supervise each other, and all stay in one loop.

The software will be free for use during COVID-19.

How I built it

Our team is built up with multidisciplinary talents from pharmaceutical, IT and marketing fields, which makes this solution very solid on professionalism and GTM.

Challenges I ran into

A. Due to the outbreak, we adjust the products to a minimum viable version to meet the urgent needs ASAP. In case of no Pillcase available, the system can still works now with the mobile app.

B. The hardware factory halted for 3 months and some electronic elements are still in shortage because of the outbreak.

C. The chicken-egg problem of user data and product-go-to-market. Need smart algorithm to enable the training run on small scale and become more smart at scale.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Medication adherence has been a conundrum which troubles the industry and users for long time. While most of the adherence management solution in the market merely focus on education or smart device, reaching to the end-user within a one-way mechanism, blocking the path for users to feedback what are the most suitable way for them.

We believe every person is one of a kind, and we appreciate that everyone has his or her unique behavioral pattern. This makes our solution exceptional. We bridge the cracking loop and make it possible to involve user’s behaviors, feelings or feedbacks in the optimization process of the solution.

This is a medication adherence management solution for the user, and more importantly, by the user.

What I learned

I learned MVP, team-play, sketch, reinforcement learning, cloud, ... I can keep the list going, but the most important thing is that I went through full course of a product rollout, from a pain point of healthcare industry to a mature solution.

What's next for Pillcase Medication Adherence Management

We are persevering in optimizing our adherence management cloud service, and also expanding out smart pill container product line.

Let more people know the notorious problem is not unsolvable, but needs more efforts to build on top of great achievements.

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