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Brief Description:

It takes 3000 ideas & managing thousands of moving parts to yield a successful, innovative, commercial product. In the on-going Covid19 pandemic & following 18 months of post pandemic era, the world will be exposed to unprecedented number of problems across industries that need to be solved. But most of the solutions to these problems will die a premature death owing to high cost of R&D, lack of accurate & scientific information + insights, hassles & ignorance around intellectual property rights and limited access to channels for monetizing an innovation. - your Personal InnoVenture Assistant, aims to address these inefficiencies in the Innovation to Monetization lifecycle. is an interconnected suite of four products, which will truly democratize knowledge discovery, innovation & IPR. We aim to make IP driven innovation so easy, affordable and fun that anybody can innovate & monetize on a problem.


What we are witnessing is history in making. In the post pandemic era, the world will surely be paying huge economic costs. Multiple reports from entities like IMF, World Bank, and other giant financial brains of the world, suggest a depression beyond that of 1930 & 2008-09. Where millions will lose their jobs, companies will be forced to shut down & traditional ways of doing businesses will be out-dated. In addition to this, the entire world is witnessing a behavioural shift which is unprecedented in magnitude & nature.

The writing on the wall is crystal clear. The world will have to reinvent itself, rebuild itself.

And the burden of this is always carried by the innovators of the world. Where we have to go back to the drawing boards, reimagine each and every system, identify the inefficiencies, solve the challenges, and invent new ways of doing business. Which are faster, better and cheaper.


To re-imagine the entire Innovation to Monetization ecosystem & to make it ready for tomorrow’s needs, we need to address following challenges:

1. Unemployment - Highly qualified information professionals and analysts, whose knowledge and skills can be leveraged to identify critical answers for innovators, will be either out of jobs or looking for better ways to contribute. There has to be a common platform to share on demand research

2. Self-employment / Entrepreneurship – Individuals will have no choice but to choose an alternate career path of Innopreneurship, as millions will lose their jobs & fresh graduates may not find a suitable job. There has to be a system to make their Innopreneurship journey hassle free

3. Research – Innovators will need a platform, to quickly find accurate, scientific & reliable data + insights to accelerate decision making.

4. Product Development - Finding right problems & stakeholders who are critical for accelerating the journey from concept design to market ready product in a massively unorganized ecosystem.

5. Go to Market & Monetization – Alternate ways of commercializing an innovation by finding right investors, customers, acquirers or licensors for technologies developed

6. Intellectual Property – In a bid to solve the problems as early as possible, it would be a blunder to not protect the technology you build. The cost & hassle of protecting your IPR can be substantially reduced by automating low & medium cognitive tasks using AI powered bots and leveraging expert brains from across the globe


PIVA.IO is an interconnected suite of platforms to enable the journey of the innovator from Creation to Commercialisation. Currently, innovators can leverage:

1. PatBnB (MVP Live) ( – PatBnB™ is your virtual Research & IP assistant, to crowd-source         challenges or outsource projects to 1000s of expert IPR/Information Professionals & Innovation Catalysts

2. InnoBnB (Yet to go live) – InnoBnB™ is your Product Development assistant, bringing all relevant          stakeholders necessary to accelerate your journey from prototype to market ready product together

3. BnBCast (MVP Live) ( - BnBCast™ is your Go to Market assistant, which tells your story         to the world, and helps you commercialise your innovation via multiple integrated channels

4. Bots4IP (MVP Live) ( – Bots4IP™ is your Automation assistant, with quick, easy to use &         transactional AI powered bots for multiple low & medium cognitive tasks across the Innovation / IP lifecycle

Covid19 Support:

Project “CovidRIP”, is an initiative to accelerate research & product development efforts around the on-going Covid-19 pandemic. We are enabling all the innovators, across three primary categories:

1. Drug discovery & therapy - Challenges to gather intelligence on discovery of a therapy, drug candidates,           vaccine candidates etc

2. Medical devices & equipment - Challenges to gather intelligence on existing or innovative Medical devices,           their specific parts or other kits

3. Other value added innovation - Challenges that need any data or intelligence support on building value           added innovative solutions

If you are facing any challenges across the above categories, please click on the link:

What does it cost?

Zero. For the next 2 months, we are offering to:

a. Sponsor all the research studies & challenges on PatBnB™

b. Free coverage of innovators on BnBCast™

What are we looking for?

Application developers: React Native (Redux), Node.js, MySQL

Researchers: Business/Market researchers, scientific researchers, Patent professionals, Data analysts

Sponsorships / Grants: Anyone who will be able to pool in some funds to support the initiative. Primary utilization of funds:

  1. Rewards to catalysts for Research challenges of innovators
  2. Basic stipends to an army of interns working on onboarding the challenges & curating reports based on catalyst submissions
  3. Technology costs
  4. Basic salaries for FTEs

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