Build a  software able to calculate the reduction of emissions of CO₂, to make accurate predictions on the levels of reduction of carbon print, develop a database and increase the involvement/commitment of end consumers of the companies that will implement the Plastic Free Certification (PFC).

Plastic Free Certification was born from the meeting of experiences from the world of environmental science research, social activism and ecology, united by a Vision based on the conviction that mankind is facing the urgency and opportunity to adopt a more responsible environmental behavior.  The Mission is therefore to enhance the resources available and create added value in ethical, economic and professional terms for all stakeholders concerned. PFC proposes a certification service able to demonstrate the environmental commitment in the process of transition to Plastic Free. The certification processes are defined in a regulatory specification that articulates the operating standard with a gradual approach, based on audit mechanisms and accompanied by consulting and training processes through a management system based on a standardized specification, protected and monitored by third party professionals.  Finally, the establishment of an internal PFC Research Institute, in parallel with the collaboration with third-party Research and Development entities that will allow the provision of complementary services capable of providing considerable added value.

The general objectives of PFC are therefore:

  • The promotion of a progressive systemic transition to the use of products with lower CO² impact on the environment;
  • The promotion of solutions aimed at spreading the culture of responsible consumption and at deconditioning society of an unconscious and almost automatic use of IP materials;
  • facilitating access to operational processes of reduction/abolition of hydrocarbon-derived plastics materials;  The triggering of a virtuous process capable of influencing, thanks to a "cascading" effect, the production chain of each individual customer and involving other third parties in the transition process;  The enhancement of the visibility and recognition of the PFC brand. Creation of a database for access to the results of studies on alternative solutions and good practices of reference

So far the 3 Michelin star and The World Best Restaurant 2019 : MIRAZUR in Menton (France) has already reached the A level of the Plastic Free Certification becoming the First restaurant certified Plastic Free.

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