WHO ARE THEPLATE (Problem/Solution) I am doing a project for the Community, my goal is to help lower the Depression and anxiety that are "nuclear" hyper-growing among our Society and also solving a problem with Support our nurses and heroes with a P2P food sharing marketplace powered by AI and Gamification to make us all contribute and remind everyone that we are still a community and we stand together! The faithful people who are let go from their jobs and small business owners, faithful and loyal for decades, are now losing faith in Government and the system that we relied on for years!

PlateHero is a Peer-to-Peer Food Sharing-community marketplace to support those looking to make a difference. We aim to provide every citizen with a tool to contribute, earn money and paint a smile on someone in need! Good deeds are contagious! Your choices will encourage your family, friends and others in your workplace or community to follow in your example.

MARKET Our go2market strategy is one of our strengths! Our vast network will be key to promote and get a bootstrapped go2market campaigns through influencers, food bloggers and as PR, we will do a joint marketing campaign with a well established Drone Delivery Company. We take a 20% commission on each transaction and will focus on neighbours and donations for people in need!

SWOT  We dissected the Foodtech Giants, we took every Weakness and Threat and turned it into Strength and Opportunity. We also as always validate our Problem and not focus in early stage on the solution, we saw a big growing problem that are really in the end stupid, how can people still die in starvation and others worry about feeding their Children? Rise of the Sharing Economy will be KEY!

Vision 2022 IoT AR/VR Autonomous Contact-less Delivery

EXPERIENCE & KNOW HOWS I have done a complete Startup Journey from startup to breakeven in four years, the startup ( was the biggest challenge och "school" of life, we started as the first Scandinavian e hailing mobility app, and with no sufficient funds and immature market challenged the time and with dedication to our lifestyle as entrepreneurs, we managed to find a solid 80% YoY Growth and clash with the giants such as Uber, MyTaxi (FreeNow) and Bolt (TaxiFy) who entered our Market with deep pockets and vast network and resources. #challenger

I have support of many NGO & famous food bloggers, have been a behaviour analysis and entrepreneur for the last 8 years with a lot of failure that taught me valuable lessons to make this Vision a reality with the right team and support!

FINANCE I have funded the early stage (bootstrapped $50K in total until 31/5 -20), we are now ready with a Private Beta that we are dissecting and creating go2market strategies. We are raising $120K USD on $600K evaluation until 30/5 2020 the Seed round.

TEAM  For the moment, we are two Brothers and a outsourced development team, we are looking before MVP launch to complete our Superhero team of co founders.

Beidos Ali  I am a experienced Entrepreneur & behavioural Scientist since 2011, I believe that the cup is always half full and have been working as Project manager, KPI analyst, Growth management and scaling tech startups with a data-driven Strategy and have the mind of a Gamer! You will always see a smile on me =)


A developer to join as co founder to help us launch the MVP week20

A UI/UX Magician

A Lead investor!

Angel Investors (Early Stage or Seed)

Requirements: That you love and believe in what we do and share our Vision That you do what you love Able to quickly adjust and calibrate  Experience is good, but you need to be updated with the latest innovation and trends within your field of expertise Bring Value and help us do the big impact we aim for!

OUR VALUES  Transparency Sustainability  Legacy over Greed Work smarter not harder Able to quickly adjust

OUR VOICE  PlateHero - Beta

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Our SuperHeroes will soon reach out for activation and the start of a new Era and the birth of the third tech wave! We are creating

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