Braille boards today are very heavy and expensive. They are not accessible by all visually impaired people. More than 289 million + people are visually impaired in someway. So we want to create a braille board that is accessible, portable and cheap to be accessible by everyone.

What it does

It uses aruduino, node modules, bluebooth sensors and made a very portable braille board that can be connected to smart phone using bluetooth. Now similar to the braille language the person has to press the sequence of 6 buttons and press enter to input every character. And the text appears on the application. This can be converted to a video as well.

How we built it

It was built using aruduino, node modules, bluebooth sensors. We also used Machine learning for auto recommendation of words.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

This is a product for the society, it has so many applications that it's worth spreading. Tested it with a visually impaired child and they liked  to use the product giving us first hand experience of acceptance.

What we learned

We learned about IOT, Arduino programming.

What's next for Portable Braille

Make it into a full fledged launch.

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arduino, bluetooth, machine-learning, pcb

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