Positive Relationship, a trace service with history rewind provided as an API as a service!


Application tracing is becoming more relevant. We want to provide a service to enable any app or idea, to start capturing relationships and providing actionable data when a positive report happens within a relationship tree.

What it does

An application or form can simply provide a relationship by calling

POST /add

with the id and seen parameter.

POST /report

with id param, to report a positive id.

GET /check

with id query param to check relationship level of the id. The result will be a collection of T and L, where T stands for timestamp and L for level.

The service does not qualify the privacy of data/collected as it is submitted by the respective application or user. The only thing the service does not do is provide information about positively reported IDs.

It is up to the supplier of the Id to obfuscate or hash data submitted if that is a concern.

The service does not restrict or limit on how it can be used as long as it is for the cause of minimizing the spread of any pandemic.

App developers can agree on common terminology to have the same data reported across multiple applications, this can drastically increase adoption rate.

How identification happens is up to the application developers, various ID's can be used such as Bluetooth addresses, mac addresses, Facebook IDs, internal application ID's (in such a case it would be good to prepend the id with a namespace to not collide with others).

The benefit of this service is that it is highly performant as it can be distributed and replicated across regions and scaled on demand to cater to virtually any load. If there would be adoption on using this service we will be hoping for the support from AWS to make the bill disappear though.

What's next for Posiship

  • Do some more testing, iron out some minor issues
  • Optimize some functions
  • Use queue for functions that can run asynchronously for classification
  • Deploy live api
  • Gather feedback validate relevance of this service

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amazon-dynamodb, node.js, typescript

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