This pandemic continues to impact our communities, business! There were about 3 million people looking for employment last week. This has greatly reduced future spending power leading to an impact on businesses such as the Hospitality industry, travel services etc.

Our platform allows you to monetize your skills.  We need to find solutions through technology to allows traditional brick and mortar services businesses to operate online. Come create content and we will provide you the tools to stand out in this marker.

Consulting, Therapy, Music, Tutoring, Teaching are just some examples.

What it does

It allows a user to create content and monetize their skills. creators can choose to offer 1-1 lessons or create a group class. We want to allow you to create the content while powow provides the tools that help move traditional service business to an online business model.

Fir example - Manage appointments

How we built it

Web platform on ruby on rails

Challenges we ran into


Accomplishments that we're proud of

The amount time it was built in

What we learned

What's next for poWow

There is a large market that can be tapped into. With the number of people unemployed or unpaid leave, this is an ideal time for mind shift . Next step for us:

Short term Onboard businesses/crafters/services/independent contractors onto the platform and provider opportunity for them to monetize their skills

Integrate with payment solutions like stripe

Ad and marketing platform integration like Facebook or Instagram Add more features that make this transition from brick and mortar workforce to e-workforce

Partner with private and public entities

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