Factories are re-purposing their machines and new businesses start producing medical supplies to overcome shortages on air ventilators, masks, etc. For example, breweries making hand sanitiser from old stocks of beer, car manufactures building air ventilators, clothing designers sewing nursing masks.

These products come without proper testing and validation whether they work as promised. Organisations and individuals need to know if these supplies can be trusted before putting it to use. Certifying per the current norm is too time-consuming.

Medical facilities spend a lot of time and effort in finding and validating new suppliers. Checking if pictures match the received box and product, whether certificates are valid, prices fall within the budget, etc. Moreover, suppliers often deliver to the first person transferring money and prices widely vary between hospitals. The highest and fastest bidder wins the products and those that were still testing and validating loose their opportunity to buy needed equipement.

Our solution validates medical products made by unusual suppliers through reviews by trusted users that tested it.

How we built it

The software team is developing this strategy over the next two days.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Winning HacktheCrisisNL in the Logistics and Supply Chain category -->

What's next for PplCert

A prototype. Build a web-based marketplace with an app extension to get reviews. Rather than your usual marketplace, we will purposely build the platform for the buyers. The medical supply buyers, get feedback from Doctors. Doctors give this feedback through their phone while they are on the ground helping patients.



amazon-web-services, docker, figma, ionic, laravel, php, phyton

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