We were thinking about how important it is to have prayer as a community and support one another as a church. We were thinking, what kind of tool would be useful for churches to be able to effectively reach members of their congregation? That's how we came up with the idea of Prayer Hash.

What it does

The tool allows members to submit their prayer requests to the church, and the church would easily be able to see the prayer needs of each member in the church body. When a church member accesses the site, they will be greeted with a form that they can fill out to update church leaders on their prayer needs. When leaders use our site, they will have access to a dashboard that helps to collect and present the prayers of everyone in need.

How we built it

Prayer Hash was divided into two basic components, the front-end and the back-end. The front-end was built using React and composes of multiple views that include the landing page, prayer form, and dashboard. The back-end uses NodeJS and JS and MongoDB. We divided tasks into database design, public API endpoints, and private API endpoints. Private API endpoints are protected using Auth0.

Challenges we ran into

We found that Auth0 lacked extensive documentation and support for Typescript, which added a lot of overhead and inconveniences. We also struggled with creating a pleasant design for our front-end tool.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're really proud of the fact that we were able to create a full-stack application with authentication. Most of us went in not knowing a lot about authentication authorization, so the fact that we were able to implement this in the last 8 days is something we're proud of.

What we learned

Authentication was new for everyone in the team. Team members who worked on the front-end learned a lot about making API calls to the backend. Members who worked on the back-end learned new things about using a database.

What's next for Prayer Hash

We would like to increase peer-to-peer engagement amongst church members through email campaigns. What this means is that we would like to encourage people to pray for one another by sending emails between church members. We can also add mailing campaigns for e-news, which enables churches to easily send emails to its congregation. Additionally, we would like to provide users with the choice of joining small groups that can provide additional support and prayers.

sorry we didn't get enough time for creating a video demo :P enjoy!



javascript, mongodb, node.js, react, typescript

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