Inspired by on going COVID-19 crisis and felt that if there was an app already existed like this, we could have saved thousands of lives as well as the falling economy.

What it does

a) Once the app is installed, it prompts for User Name, Email ID and Cell Phone #. Also, seeks permission from the user to track the device location.

b) If an user is tested positive during a crisis, the app will backtrack all the places visited at different times by this user and automatically finds other people at the same proximity within specific distance. Once identified, this app will generate alerts and request all these users to self quarantine and provide them with emergency helpline number if they start to show symptoms in future. These flagged/alerted users can then be closely monitored during the quarantine period by the health officials / county officials.

c) During the self-quarantine phase, this app will prompt the user for their hobbies/interests and provide them with related recommendations which is currently trending in the market to keep them engaged. The App can also send positive thoughts/messages on daily basis to reinforce the user to continuously stay in self-isolation mode for extended period of time.

d) With the help of GPS data available, this app can also inform/alert other unaffected users to stay away from Red Zone/ Epicenter regions to avoid spread the disease.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I felt this idea is pretty good and effective and should be feasible to implement.

What's next for Prevent The Spread

I have conceptualized the product and looking forward to dedicating time to build the product and get it into the market.



amazon-web-services, android, google-maps, ios, machine-learning, react

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