We came up with this idea seeing a lot of Swiss SMEs separately and randomly seeking for and offering help others during this time of crisis

What it does

We find, curate, gather and display pro bono offers on our platform, that other company seeking advice can redeem. Company can also post a specific need, and pro bono providers will be able to propose their service in direct.

How I built it

We built the platform as a protoype on Invision. You can go through all the designed pages, the prototype is clickable. We also start a web version but we ran out of time to finish it.

Challenges I ran into

Time shortage – we got good idea, split tasks, coordinated, challenged and asked each other for advice and revision, still when it comes to project like this- the more you dig, the more you want to do. Good spirit all along from everyone, and super neat organisation from the Versus Virus team !

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Great feedback from SMEs community so far, we tested the prototype on actual target users and confirmed that the product would be used !

What I learned

We learned that common goal unites people who didn’t know each other before and make our team work efficient despite geographical distance. Everyone committed full time during this week end !

What's next for Probono.Community

We will finish the web version of Pro-Bono. Community and push it live for the people to use it ! We think it will help a lot of SMEs during the crisis, and even beyond

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