The creative industry companies just like others are applying regularly for tenders and procurements. Covid or any covid-like crisis puts emphasis on procurements since they become a valuable source of work for many companies trying to survive in difficult times. Unfortunately, many organizations take advantage of a slump in the economy and tend to prepare tenders unfairly, having high demands for no or little rewards. This reflects eventually on financial losses for companies seeking a valuable job.

Improving this process by simplification, digitalization and transparency will eliminate the “bad” examples and will get us one step closer to fair business. The tool in mind would make it work better for both sides: the procurement maker, assuming she’s working in good faith, has often little knowledge of the format, the requirements and expectations on the designer’s side. Creating a good framework for formulating an assignment and accumulating good practice (both in shape of templates as well as benchmark cases) would make her life easier – and give an equal starting ground for contestants.

We decided to tackle these areas of the problem:     • Lack of transparency     • Low digitalization (uploading small-sized files... )     • A huge amount of paperwork     • Repeating useless steps in the preparation process     • Too much work for too little money ( demanding spec. work )

The goal would be to set up a digital platform/tool providing a service for the institutions preparing procurements for creative industries.

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