COVID-19 is fast evading our economic, social and mental space. Lockdown, on the one hand, is the hard choice we all are forced to make, on the other people are easily becoming the victim of anxiety, anger, stress, and hopelessness as there is so much negativity all around. A significant portion of the urban population is clinging to web content as an easy escape, but this choice along with seral others too fails to infuse positivity in people. In this present mayhem, we all look for better engagements that can impregnate positivity in our lives.

What it does

The idea is a project, for a set of participants with a common background. The tasks will be set based on that common background, and each day, they will be asked to work upon the task and submit their working on the topic given within 24 hours timeline. The task will be set on a specific psychometry mind map based on the recent issues related to the basic topic of the project, or organization. Across these 21 days, there will be continuous monitoring of individual submission, as well as sharing of ideas after every submission.

How I built it

TEAM VIBGYOR has already catapulted the 1st phase of “Project 21”. The pilot project is a photography-based creative engagement for people across India during the 21 days of home quarantine.  The project challenges an individual to capture photographs on given themes within the confines of home. After every weekly assessment, the succeeding themes are decided based on participant’s inclination and penchant for subtler topics and thereby pushing a person to think out of the box and make full use of his/her talent. In the process TEAM VIBGYOR will not only identify the winner but also will map every participant on creative skills and mental traits that can be used as future reference points.

Outcomes • Fulfilling experience and a mental boost for participants during the home quarantine • Fostering power of imagination and innovative thinking in the midst of this tumultuous time • Mapping personality traits

Challenges I ran into

An idle human mind is a devil's workshop. During this lockdown, having getting a chance of a break from the daily rush, I found many being carried away by the irregular habits and lifestyle. It's always easy to adapt a bad habit than a good. So, it required to motivate the participants from Day-1.  Further to it, with my limited networking, the participation was enclosed within the known faces of VIBGYOR mostly. I would have loved more newcomers to Jon this session, which was kept for free.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

VIBGYOR Project 21 is the ongoing pilot run of this idea, which is being executed across the online platform for participants within in India during this COVID-19 Lockdown tenure. The response of this project has been phenomenal, with participants getting creative across simple themes like switchboards, screws, etc. All the submission images are made online, across the VIBGYOR Facebook Group Page (, and reviews are made live across VIBGYOR YouTube Channel (VIBGYORFOB). VIBGYOR ( is a community group formed by self, since 2012, run by like-minded people having keen interest in practicing Arts.

What I learned

In a free mind, the human mind can really push their limits of creativity and think way beyond.

What's next for Project 21

Project 21 is expected to have the most profound effect on any segment of people, whether institute, society, or an organization. The project is highly customizable, and each framework will differ from the other. The project can be implied on a set of students of the specific age group for a particular stream of studies, or a set of employees from a specific format of industry. Based on the common ground and expected training for the participants, the mind map has to be routed and the project has to be installed. The best part of this project is, it will not need physical presence always, which means, the trainer or key organizer may sit from any part of the world and still control the entire module across any part of the world. This model can act as a case study based framework on several parameters as below: • To ascertain the training needs of individuals/professionals working in various capacities in any  organization • To identify future managers/leaders by modifying the judging parameters such as innovation, out of the box thinking, time & resource management, crisis management, and several others.

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