As the COVID-19 crisis worsens, there is a shortage of critical resources and unclear methods of how the supply chain would support individuals or organizations.

Medical facilities and assisted living facilities are running out of supplies and can’t find any.

Individuals and organizations may have these supplies or are repurposing needed skills but don’t know how and where to share them.

While in isolation, certain individuals may require critical supplies or resources and don’t know where to get help.

As a result, it is quite possible that one person could be dying due to the lack of a critical resource, while someone just three blocks away from them may have an excess of those same resources.

What it does

Most individuals and organizations have good intentions, and would be willing to share their resources or skills with individuals or organizations in their community if:

a) there is truly an emergency near them where they believe they can help;

b) they can see a direct impact from their contribution(s); and

c) they trust that their data and resources will not be misused.

Challenges we ran into

Time is our greatest foe.  With every minute that ticks by, hospitals around the world are burning through limited supplies of equipment needed to care for acute patients, suffering from COVID-19.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We successfully ported our learnings from Project TIRA (Trafficking Interruption Resource Agent) to this new adjacent scenario and connected with some other amazing teams along the way.

What we learned

It will not be just one solution that wins the fight against this pandemic, but many solutions, all working in tandem to attach this problem from all angles to minimize loss of life and other indirect impacts

What's next for Project CORA

Project CORA will be providing demo materials to our colleagues in Northern Italy to share on Monday with the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Innovation.  We will also be working with Microsoft Services to provide CORA’s solution code to help the New York Department of Health scale its bot outreach capabilities

Project CORA team

Collaborative effort of Mike McCarter, Diya Sekhar, Jonathan Brown, Lorie Tais, Sherri Babylon-Crouse, Varun Sharma, Anil Kumar Vemula, Savannah Majarwitz (Boston University), Gaspard Etienne,  (Boston University).



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