Requirements for the project The problem your Project solves COVID-19 prompted governments globally to institute quarantine and lockdown guidelines and rules. This means that an extensive population is now experiencing social isolation. Research shows that social isolation can lead to significant and even permanent effects on mental health and brain health. What happens is that what starts off as just ‘feeling down’ can spiral into something more severe.

Symptoms of these mental health effects includes: Feeling sad, lonely, hopeless Unable to focus on tasks Lack of motivation to engage in normal daily activities Loss of social skills (getting scared of getting back to the social life) Negative mindset and self-talk Health issues (over-eating, smoking, bad habits)

People experiencing these symptoms are less likely to be productive in society, and may become more reliant on the social welfare system. Negativity can also have a ripple effect, and may pull others into the loop as well. We want to keep the population positive, resilient, resourceful and productive even through the crisis and beyond.

The solution that you bring to the table A six-week program that builds up skills to manage your mental health through challenges that might arise as a consequence of social isolation.

The program is built up of: Weekly live stream webinar Becoming part of a community that goes on even after the program finishes Joining a group of 20 people to go through the process with and meet with weekly Engaging in exercises in between the live streams to practice what you´ve learned Practical tools to incorporate in your daily life Pairing up with an Isolation Buddy to share experiences and learnings

All this is supported by a mobile application, where you can always access the resources, get daily reminders and support through the process, and easily contact your community and buddy.

The six weeks covers the following six topics: Mindset transformation - Learn how to transition from reactive to creative mindset and identify new possibilities for yourself. Thought management - Learn how to become more aware of your thought patterns and practice observing them without overreacting Self-awareness - Learn how to understand your behavior patterns to identify habits to let go of, and new healthier habits to adopt Motivation and focus - Learn how to identify your personal motivational factors and leverage them to sustain your new healthier habits Work-life balance - Learn how to design a healthy balanced lifestyle and how to put it in practice Self talk - Learn how to phrase your self talk and shift from negative to positive reinforcing self talk

What you have done during the weekend We have developed a landing page that provides information about our program, creates a place where people can sign up for participation, and is a collection point for sales and awareness traffic.

We have developed a prototype of our app that defines our look & feel, demonstrates the benefits and offerings that our participants will receive for joining the program, and identified the functions that will ensure a more sustained change and solution both from a user perspective, and research from neuroscience about building habits.

We have also matured our business model more and defined different possibilities for how to finance it. Business to government: offering the solution through municipalities and other associations Private funding: pay yourself, or pay for a friend or family member because we want people to put down some commitment through financial means Crowdfunding: mental health is a social problem. Most people are impacted by this. They might want to contribute to the change.

Also to validate interest in the idea, we opened up registration to our own networks and saw 6 sign-ups within the first 12 hours (overnight where lower traffic was expected).

The solution’s impact on the crisis Social isolation and the stress of crisis triggers our brains into survival mode. In this mode we are especially susceptible to negative thoughts, and to perceive everything as threats thus prompting us to withdraw from others even further. In that mindset, people are less resourceful and less likely to contribute to our society and world actually recovering from the crisis and rebuilding.

By supporting people to take control of their minds, and giving them the tools to be more positive and healthy during the crisis we are helping people maintain their ability to contribute as productive members of society, and to find new ways to function and live - instead of just giving up or becoming passive to life.

We can all continue to function and serve our communities and world even during and after this crisis - if we don’t give up and instead find new possibilities and ways in our new normal. And our program helps people that have lost, or are losing sight of that opportunity.

Your necessities in order to continue the project  In order for the project to continue and scale up we need to: Submit proposals and get approval from municipalities, professional networks to finance our program and send participants to attend.  Pursue other methods of financing the business - going through crowdfunding or finding private investors, and/or offered as open enrollment for private individuals Engage more coaches into the work to help facilitate the session and the participant communities Refine the program content, develop needed media content, plan the practicalities and logistics of the offering Turn app prototype to fully functioning beta version that is also offered on other platforms and devices (mobile, computer, tablet, etc.) Expand capabilities of the website to also facilitate more community oriented functionalities like integration with social media platforms to enable sharing of pictures, experiences, etc. Develop and execute a communication and marketing strategy to build awareness of the issue and solution, to generate traffic to the program, to expand interest for partnerships, to recruit more contributors, and increase participation in the programs

The value of your solution after the crisis Managing mental health is a capability that transcends periods of crises. Whilst especially relevant during the outbreak of COVID-19, and the mandatory lockdown and isolation that followed - the skills and tools that the program offers is useful for anyone seeking to optimize their mindset and behaviors.

During the current crisis, social isolation may prompt individuals to withdraw from society and be pulled into more critical stages of mental challenge. The program seeks to prevent this descent, and catch individuals on the downward spiral and turn them around to stay more resilient through the turbulence. This not only ensures that the population stays motivated and engaged so they are ready to go straight into fully functioning roles in society again once it opens, to maintain productivity through the crisis, and also prevent a heavier load on the mental healthcare sector once the crisis passes over.

The program can also expand scope, and can shift focus more in a post-social isolation world to be more about expanding personal capacity and resilience as self-development. It is also clear that the economy will suffer reprecussions for a long future period and unemployment rates will rise. A lot of the effects of social isolation are observed in the unemployed - and the program will be relevant for them as well.

The URL to the landing page  The app prototype in the image gallery

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