My Inspiration hunnn...

So to be true once i want to learn cyber security when i am in 10th grade but due to lack of money i can't afford It that day i thi k that one day i build a platform which is completly free and everyone can talk to each other

What it does

It Provide an open source learning mangment system

How I built it

Using WordPress Cloudflare Security

Challenges I ran into

Money For Course Because It takes Me almost $2000 dollar to complete this

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I proud that i am almost complete my site

What I learned

How to be calm and work and do give best

What's next for Project Work

Next We are going to develop a social network for Only tech peoples like Hackers (work under progress)

Try It out



cloudflare, css, elementor, html, php, securi, wordpress

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