After seeing what doctors have to go through in Italy, Spain, we have decided to try to help them, after a huge brainstorm an idea was born. Idea that would not only help reduce hospital overflow rates, but also keep the doctors in a good mental condition.

What it does

It is a platform, which provides algorithm based treatment strategies for COVID-19 patients after health care specialists have entered signs, symptoms and relevant information of them. It is designed for preventing overflow of people in the hospitals. In the worst case scenario, it helps to relieve moral weight of making life-and-death decisions.

How I built it

Using PHP Framework Laravel we developed a web application which uses patients' data (that has to be filled by a medic) to divide them into the 4 main categories: Blue, Red, Yellow, Green. These categories are well known to the medics and the solution is based on the coding system. It works in this fashion: patients in the red category gains a priority over everyone else in the list, yellow gets a priority over blue and green and blue gets priority over green

Challenges I ran into

Time constraints

What's next

Our algorithm is based on universally known scales describing patients’ health, allowing us to adapt our solution to distribution of various equipment in demanding situations like mass disasters, earthquakes or pandemics. We are planning to add the ability for hospitals to enter the quantity of scarce equipment present at that hospital, track the number of used and available apparatus, and see which patients in the database are using it at any given time. Moreover, we will expand the system to include assessment of patients' condition after 48 and 120 hours in order to optimally allocate available hospital resources and further optimize the effect of the algorithm.




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