What has really inspired me is seeing how responsive the world has been to the corona virus outbreak. People are learning the necessary precaution steps to take, the primary one being hand washing with soap. All around the world people are washing their hands much more regularly than they would under normal circumstances. However, many have not learned the proper steps of washing hands with soap, hence may still carry the virus in their hands without being aware.

What it does

The training video for proper hand washing with soap trains people on how to properly wash their hands with soap, following 7 distinct steps.  Step 1: WET your hands with clean, running water, and make sure to turn off the tap (if you are using a tap). Apply soap to your hands. Step 2: LATHER your hands by rubbing together with the soap. Be sure to lather the backs of your hands, in between your fingers, and under your nails. Step 3: SCRUB your hands for at least 20 seconds. Step 4: SCRUB carefully in-between your fingers to remove all the dirt. Step 5: SCRUB the insides of your hands and all around the wrists. Step 6: RINSE your hands well under clean, running water. Step 7: DRY your hands thoroughly. You can use the air to dry your hands.

How I built it

On a regular sink, I asked my daughter to hold the phone and take a video while I followed the 7 steps of hand washing with soap, while speaking loudly for the viewer to understand each of the steps that I was following.

Challenges I ran into

Working from home, using a regular cellphone to take the video means the quality is not very high as it would have been, if taken by a professional, using a high resolution camera.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am proud to have managed to produce a video that is circulating to hundreds of thousands (eventually will be millions) of people, helping them to learn ways to keep the virus completely away from their hands. Hand washing in itself is not enough, it has to be done properly, which is what this video is helping to teach.

What I learned

I have learned that it is possible to be creative and productive even during this global crisis. Using technology, useful information can be passed along and help many, especially when it's related to what is going on around the world at this moment. Also, knowledge is power and can last a lifetime! This training on proper hand washing with soap will be useful not only now, but for the rest of the lives of those who acquire the knowledge and continue to apply it.

What's next for Proper hand washing with soap - training via video clips

The very next step is to make more videos using different languages of the world, with training on proper hand washing with soap, and circulate them to people around the world through social media. And once the corona crisis is over, the next step is to do the proper hand washing with soap training in a larger scale and with large groups of people - ideally schools, religious institutions and gatherings on the streets. This way, people will be equipped with this necessary knowledge which they can continue using for the rest of their lives, having clean hands and therefore keeping themselves, families and the world at large safer and more ready to prevent transferable infections. High quality videos will be taken of these different groups of people and shared widely too, to promote proper hand washing with soap as a regular practice to be embraced by all people around the world. Hard copy flyers will be printed too, specifically for communities that are not effectively using social media. Other videos will be made in sign language to ensure deaf communities are also able to get the proper hand washing messages around the world.



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