Provider Map was started as a way to crowdsource capacity information for facilities treating COVID-19 patients.

What it does

Provider Map allows users to upload information about hospitals and temporary facilities, including bed count, staff count, ventilators, and whether they are treating COVID-19. This is used by nurses and hospital staff to coordinate care between facilities.

How I built it

Provider Map is built using React, node.js, and Firebase.

Challenges I ran into

Understanding how to best help nurses and hospital staff during this time was more difficult than any specific technology hurdle. Creating a service that allows healthcare workers to effectively coordinate care is key to our collective response.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

7,500+ facilities listed

What I learned

Capacity and bed count changes every minutes. Hospital staff works miracles behind the scenes. Nurses are the true heros.

What's next for Provider Map

  • Onboard a registered nurse from every hospital in the United States
  • Become the most comprehensive source for temporary facilities like hotels, convention centers, and dormitories that have been converted to medical centers.

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firebase, lunar, node.js, react

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