To be a part of solution to the global challenges. I am inspired by my previous work as a counsellor in Kenya where we used psychological first aid to support people in the immediate aftermath of severe crisis arising from traumatic events such as terror attacks, political violence or other calamities. We observed many people gain quick grounding and stability. This motivates to create a platform where people from any part of the world can access these services not just in the field but online as well.

What it does

This App will provide people with a safe online space to offload the negative emotions, fears, worries or anxieties they hold as a consequence of the crisis. These emotional and psychological reaction are usually normal reactions based on traumatic situations. While some people recover natural without any interventions, some may not and the crisis marks the onset of deep mental illness(s) such as social phobia, obsession and compulsion, anxiety and panic disorders etc. To prevent these from occurring, Psychological First Aid is usually used as an intervention tool. This is different from therapy or counselling. The assumption that people after a crisis need therapy does not hold true, on the contrary, the affected population may need just some temporary support - a listening ear, assurance or encouragement acknowledging that what they are experiencing are normal reactions. These interventions facilitate quick stabilization, grounding and ability to resume daily functioning or lifestyle. However, it is worth noting that there are those who may need elaborate long term therapy and should be directed appropriately on where or how to find further help. These are what this App intends to solve.

On the App, an individual can get self-help tips, chat, video or anonymous call a First Aider available online. First Aiders will register based on languages spoken. Unlike therapy which is long term and require the patient to talk about past issues and history, psychological first is about listening, encouraging, stabilizing, acknowledging the here and now fears, anxieties and concerns providing appropriate information. It is therefore very ideal for everyone online as no much personal information is disclosed.

How I built it

We build it using Flutter or Objective C as development platform, Material Design as UI Kits, build for iOS & Android both and some Javascript libraries on ReactJS/ReacetNative

Challenges I ran into

Formulating a team with the expertise skills was not easy.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Having a demo

What I learned

Passion and commitment is the mother of invention!

What's next for Psychological First Aid Online

Develop the App and go live!

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