Being part of what is happening in the world today, going to supermarkets, pharmacies, stores of products that are essential for us to live and for this crisis, such as Alcohol Gel, Milk, Bread etc, I realized that these products most relevant to us are missing, mainly because people are making very large purchases for storage at home, due to fear of leaving their homes and due to the pandemic. Because of this, it is possible to notice how people are not thinking in a community way, and not being very altruistic. How can we make people think about others? We know that we are a community and everyone needs the products.

What it does

Putting this context together, I realized a possibility to create an application where people can help others. We have a basic list of the most important items that people need to buy. There are two possible main scenarios:

  • As someone who is buying a product in a physical store, that person reports the status of the products, whether or not they have in the store, the quantity (optional) and price (optional).
  • As someone who is looking for the products, so that I can know more objectively where I have the products I want, and in the context of "stay at home" as much as possible, I see an updated list with the places near me, with the products I want to buy, if they have them, what are the quantities and prices, and saying what was the last update, so I can analyze where is the best place to buy. It is also possible to report new products to join the list, and by joint voting automatically enter the list of relevant products.

How I built it

We decided to develop the prototype with minimal operation using the website

The goal is to develop the App using mobile, Android and iOS. It is also important to create the backend, which we intend to make in Java and scalable.

We will also use google's Places API to find the locations and associate with the types of locations (Grocery_or_Restaurant, Pharmacy, etc.). We will also use the GPS system.

Challenges I ran into

I am not graduated in Design, so this part is a little more difficult, but I like photography, art, and I have experience with app development, so I believe I could pass an idea of the main part of the application.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Created a nice UI.

What I learned

Participate in something for humanity, for the benefit of all. Try to attract people to the project.

What's next for Pursharezing

Based on the prototype, implement the system, using Android and iOS and create back-end. Create the tests due to the high scalability.

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