In situations like the current COVID-19 pandemic, different areas in a country are getting locked down to stop the spread of the virus. In such cases, if the lock down goes on for a long time people might run out of food, medicines, necessary toiletries etc. In that case, they aren’t allowed to go out of their houses or localities. This situation has inspired us to build an app that help to solve some problems that arise during quarantine period.

What it will do

This app will help quarantined people to put up their urgent need and notify nearby people with the urgency. If someone is living alone and has a medical emergency, he/she can call for help through this app which will notify the nearby people or medical team. Finally, if someone came from a COVID-19 infected country/zone and is supposed to be in quarantine but is not following it, nearby people can send a report to the nearby authorities stating his activities.

The app will have the following features:

-To put up an urgent notification for necessary commodities.

-Send notification to users nearby.

-When someone is interested to help, he/she can contact the person through the app using a chat box.

-If someone is in a medical emergency, he/she can click on a button and send his address or whereabouts to any nearby medical team or person using the app.

-Sending notification to nearby police authority about a person not following quarantine rules.

How we want to built it

This will be an android based app.



android, google-maps, java, xml

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