To be effective, means to use electronic. To protect democracy means, to protect democratically elected representatives to participate on decisions. Person send to quarantine, or hospital is thrown out from making decision today, as most of the decisions are taken on personal meetings. Many countries literally doesn't allow alternative to personal meetings, even the countries use eIDs. Big inspiration is the wide using of eIDs in Estonia and growing of the electronic services provided by state in Slovakia and Czech republic in last years, but often unsatisfactory way.

The solution is allow the representatives, bodies, management to vote and take decisions off-site - from home, hospital, even from business trips and additionally, in the time, when they find it.

To do this, we founded Qesadila the e-voting system, during the hackethon called Hack The Crisis Slovakia (3. - 5. April 2020).

What it does

Qesadila will allow:

  • invite the voters
  • manage the voters
  • manage voting forms
  • e-voting by signing the ballot using qualified electronic signature using national eID.

How I built it

We started with solution on desktop.  The system consists from two main parts:

  1. Signing application is based on .NET application installed on computer.
  2. Web application to manage voters, voting forms, invitations and present results.

Challenges I ran into

Security is the biggest challenge for our solution. We will be very thankful for mentoring in this area.  Another thing is to find people from different countries with eIDs to make the application usable for people from different countries.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We started just week ago. But the members of the team are good basement to solve this challenge.

What I learned

Mentoring, new members of the team are definitely, what can help us on this hackethon.

What's next for QESADILA the e-voting system

During the hackethon we'd like to move the state, when it will be testable on the internet, so anyone can manage his/her independent voting system in our solution deployed in cloud.

Next we will look for subject - a partner, who is able to use the system in municipality, company, ngo to make the solution usable.

We hope, Qesadila can help to protect democracy with protecting the representatives.

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