Countless people are staying in their homes for self-quarantine to keep distancing from society to prevent infecting and getting infected from COVID-19, the wide-spreading virus. However, people are getting to be bored just staying home by themselves, so we thought a small gamification website would help people to get rid of boredness by growing trees in their virtual garden.

What it does

Users can grow trees by performing fun activities in their virtual garden. The goal of activities is to keep the user healthy and active. Each activity can generate different kinds of trees by completing the activities.

How We built it

Front-end: ReactJS, NodeJS, and zendesk ui theme. Back-end: node.js, express.js, mongoose Database: MongoDB Atlas Hosting: Heroku and

Challenges We ran into

First of all, we had challenges collaborating with each other due to an online session. This led to an increase in the amount of time that it took to come up with this idea. Once we had an idea, during implementation, we dealt with syncing our backend development with front-end and testing it.

  • Frontend  While performing front-end development, Had to use a UI theme I wasn’t experienced with and it was challenging to draw trees inside the web app.
  • Backend  I had to deal with how to build up REST api from the scratch so the frontend can interact with it easily. Since I was not experienced with Node.js, I had to debug A LOT to make APIs work properly.

Accomplishments that We are proud of

  • Frontend

Proud of the overall design of the website.

  • Backend  Implemented fully working Rest APIs with Controlling MongoDB Altas successfully while learning new languages such as JS, Node.js was a challenge that we successfully accomplished. Learned a new language: Javascript, node.js

What I learned

  • Frontend

It’s important to communicate all aspects of the project to your teammates.

  • Backend  I barely knew node.js and the entire javascript system before I started working on the qGrowth. Initially, I was planning to create the backend in C#, but I wanted to challenge myself to learn a new language. Also, I had never touched MongoDB or MongoDB Atlas before our team decided to use MongoDB. I've learned various aspects of communicating between our server to MongoDB Atlas cloud server.

What's next for qGrowth

We can implement more interesting features such as posting your activities on social media, ranking systems to compete with your friends, and customizations on trees.

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express.js, mongodb, mongoose, node.js, react, restful, zendesk

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