Our Inspiration

I am inspired by the Universe itself beyond anything I just love humans. By pursuing this mission we can leap into a better future building the foundation of the Hexagon Era to come. I always believe in this code 3,6,9. I deciphered the code of triangle, hexagon, nonagon shape from the 3,6,9 code too it was Tesla who shared this clue and I want to continue his work of giving free energy to the living.

The Idea

It will lead us to an advance society where we can solve any disease like the COVID-19. The seamless world is not a dream anymore where A.I is in demand to close the gap between human and robot productivity. Cashless is always here but cryptocurrency will be the future of money.

A Goal

Our goal is to use Quantum computing to tackle a global problem like the pandemic of COVID-19. By joining a hackathon we can gather the right mind for this project. This mind will be added to the rank of QNBAI Organization building the Hexagon System.


I am an idealist leader I love to build theory using applied science and quantum mechanics. That is my specialty as a crazy and bold scientist. What if we build a hive of human wisdom and knowledge inside a database of human memories in a blockchain away from our physical world. A combined mind of all good leaders from the world to build a Hexagon future ruled by just and fairness.

Overcoming a Barrier

Lack of support from the mass is somehow taking my mind to a wave of pools and drowning but I know that someday we can build this idea as long as we breathe we are still here to think of an idea impossible or not we can make it happen somehow.


When we build a Human Utopia in the future I want this to be automated that will help us bring forth a better standing method in the cosmos. Uploading our memory into a blockchain where we can reinstall it again into a new mechanical shell is a must while uploading consciousness is one of my ideas and to acquire this we need to dig further in the realm of quanta. To make this work we need QNBAI this will unite all technology theories in one singularity aim. This will build a Unified Technology for the future.

We are One

I need to love my fellow humans in able for me to rise up as a good leader. We should build a tower of human pride again as One People in One World and One Being.


Peace in a Hexagon World This will be revealed in the future when the time comes.

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a.i, blockchain, neural, quantum

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