Many Oxbridge students have been kicked out of their colleges and quarantined. As a team of two Oxbridge undergraduates who have been personally affected by this pandemic, we understand and empathise with others and the mental health impacts on them due to the sudden stress and isolation. We therefore decided to contribute in whatever way we can to help the Oxbridge community.

What it does

The first tool is QuarantineBuddy, a chatbot to accompany quarantined students who may be experiencing loneliness. QuarantineBuddy not only provides information about COVID-19, but also funny and encouraging GIFs. The second is CoronaConnect, a platform connecting quarantined students via leaflet.js for them to send each other motivational emails and form social connections regardless of physical distance.

How we built it

Technical suite: IBM Watson Chatbot, Flask, jQuery, Leaflet.js. The chatbot is trained via a Naive Bayes Classifier to detect message sentiment.

Challenges we ran into

There were certain words with negative sentiment which the chatbot did not respond to accordingly, which required retraining the bot correspondingly.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of our work not because of the technical aspects of this project, but because of the contribution we can make to the affected student community, regardless of how small it may be.

What we learned

We picked up new technical competencies, particularly leaflet.js.

What's next for QuarantineBuddies/CoronaConnect

Training the chatbot to respond to a wider range of queries, and extending CoronaConnect to a wider student body.

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css, flask, html5, ibm-watson, javascript, leaflet.js, python

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