I was inspired by following the current news shaking the world, which urged me to suggest a project at Marie Curie Alumni Association.

What it does

There will be a software platform to connect people in quarantine, and allow them to receive helps to tackle mental issues, as they are likely to enter into depression and anxiety. It will assist those who are in need to solve problems in their current situation. The platform will be multi-lingual.

How I built it

The software platform is WordPress, which allows built-in packages for the creation and monitoring of the website.

Challenges I ran into

Content management & community feedback in a short time interval.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

My research and expertise, which is on computer science and psychology, plus, my position as a yoga teacher. Also, my social network in Marie Curie Alumni Association.

What I learned

Importance of solidarity in crisis times.

What's next for Helping people who are in quarantine

We will discuss the things in more detail with the team, and brainstorm new ideas on that matter.

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