Deaths have shot up from hundreds to thousands, inundating our hospitals. The Philippines is a 3rd world country with corrupt leaders that have not used the funds for hospital supplies. Soon, we will be faced with a surplus of patients who will need each ventilator to survive.

Each machine we build can save a life.

Alan Landa is the engineer and we want to use readily available materials so it can be replicated by anyone.

We need help with the 3d printing and 3d printing materials as there is already a lack of it here. We also want to be able to source the other materials on a mass scale so we can ask volunteers to put this together.

We are open to any imporvements, supplies etc. Only prototype is done.

Each person can save a life if we act now.

What's next?

We need:  ECE builders mass suppliers 3d printers  Donors

Help us help others



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