Inspiration: My team-mates are I were hygiene freaks long before this corona crisis. That led to us to design good-looking equipment that we'd ourselves love using for keeping our homes sanitized.

What it does: The value proposition has two components: air and surface sanitizer. The surface sanitizer works by converting water into atomized super-heated dry-steam, that's ejected onto surfaces at temperature of 175C, and pressure of 600 kP. This combination of temperature and pressure kills all surface bacteria and viruses immediately.

The air sanitizer works by converting atmospheric air into low-concentration ozone, which is proven in its ability to kill air-borne viruses.

How I built it: Built it by hacking together components from different existing equipment.

Challenges I ran into: Designing the machine such that its robust yet easy to handle, and finding suitable external machine-facade components at a fair price.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of: Selected to interview for YC winter batch.

What I learned: Marketing is way harder than it initially seems.

What's next for Rapid surface and air sanitization: We're planning to sell full-scale through retail channels.




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