Around me i hear many people complain about the fact that there is so many information about corona virus and everytime when someone talk to bring news about this disease, we automatically ask him to provide a proper or official source of information.  And then one day i saw a picture of someone who comitted suicide because of the death of his whole familly caused by coronavirus. That was absolutly wrong and a total bullshit. In addition, many people in my area started to talk about some kind of treatement or some mystical stuff which can cure you and even protect you against covid-19. That's why i said to myself, since i know how to build websites shouldn't i try to build a platform on which will allow to spread some accurate and verified informations? There is the official web portal of the WHO for sure. My solution is a fact-checking platform which allow people to submit a fact about a medecine or other medical related information about coronavirus, those submitted facts are forewarded to doctor or health specialist who can investigate  and then bring the correct response. This is Re-covid. Being well informed in crisis period is also vital as food and water and can save your life.

What it does

 Let's explain what it does step by step:
    1.There is three type of user profile, administrator expert and civil
    2.Experts are doctor or specialist of respiratory diseases/ civils are the rest of the population

About the administrator:
    1. The administrator approve new expert registration
    2. The administrator recieves the facts in his mail box and forward them to the telegram group of experts
    3. The administrator is responsible of all the platform

    About the expert profile:
        1.Doctors can register on the platform and get an Expert  account  with a role of editors
        2.When a doctor register, his registration need an approval depending if he is a real doctor or not after a verication
        3.For the verification, his provided personnal informations are submitted to the database of the national medical association for comparaison.If there is a match, the registration is approved
        4. New expert join a telegram group where all the facts submitted for verification are gathered
        5. If an expert want to investigat on a fact he picks one and notify the other that he will investigate on it and if another expert want to contribute he can
        6. When they finish their investigation, they post the result via their expert account and mention if the fact is a bullshit or if it is true

About the civil profil:
    1. Civil have no account
    2. Civil submit a fact with a description via a form 
    3. After the submission he can come to check if experts have investigate on it and gave a response

The fact submission:         1. Once a well described fact is submitted its is send to the administrator mailbox         2   The administrator forwards the facts to a private telegram group where all experts may be notified          3 . Experts may pick one or more facts to investigate on it

The investigation:
    Experts are free to gather all informations they want but they have to provide the source.

The result:
    1. Expert login to his account
    2. Expert make a past in this way: first a reminder of the fact,morever he mentions if it is true or false and finally the detailled result of the investigation 

How I built it

I build it with a combination of three technologies:
    php,javascript, mysql(wordpress) for building the platform
    Telegram, whith it persistant past discussions feature that allow any new expert to see what fact are already covered
    IFTT: to link telegram and the gmail account that recieve facts to verify

Challenges I ran into

The challenge i ran into were:
    Finding doctors/specialists
    But my main challenge is how to automate the forwarding process 

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Configure my IFTT account to send mail from my gmail account to a telegram group

What I learned

I learned how to configure applets on IFTT

What's next for Re-covid

Make it an mobile app

Try It out



javascript, mysql, php

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