There is a shortage of intermediate and intensive care beds and ventilators in some hospitals due to the overwhelming number of COVID19 patients. Due to limited bed and ventilator capacity, allocation of patients diagnosed with COVID19 to different hospitals requires a decision-making process that is time-consuming for doctors.


Suggestion for allocation of confirmed COVID19 patients to hospitals with suitable equipment and capacity using our designed smartphone/web app containing up to date data on bed and ventilator availability in hospitals across a country. It would be non-invasive in the doctors’ decision process, allowing them to choose between different hospitals based on the ranking and discuss with the COVID19 service in these hospitals about the patient admission and will result in a rapid response to fast-changing situations.

The app would have different pages for different user profiles: “Doctor” or “Logistics manager”.

  • “Doctor”: Primary decision-maker. First, the doctor enters which equipment is needed to take care of the patient using simple checkboxes. The app then displays suggestions for hospitals based on our ranking on a nation-wide scale.
  • “Logistics manager”: Capacity and equipment coordination. Data is directly uploaded by designated staff at the hospital once/twice per day and contains the number of available beds, ventilators...


  • Identify and list all hospitals in Switzerland
  • Identify the latest reported capacity for each hospital and contact to confirm the numbers
  • Design easy to use app with user-friendly interface
  • Contact hospital administration staff with the project presentation and request to participate
  • Implement app as open access
  • Work on research algorithm and relative importance/weight of different factors (distance, equipment, others)


  • First call: patient to doctor/emergency service/hotline - Symptomatic assessment to determine the need for hospitalization
  • If need for hospitalization: transfer to nearest hospital A - Suspected case stage
  • Start of symptomatic treatment in A - Suspected case stage                                                 - Confirmatory PCR testing (results after 24h)
  • If positive and hospital A is at or near the patient carrying capacity (threshold to be defined), consult our app to find alternative hospital

The app give a ranked list of the best alternative hospitals based on the hospital proximity to determine optimal transfer distance and availability of equipment

  • Doctor from hospital A calls doctor from hospital B (seen as best method by doctors) to discuss the admission of patient in hospital service B
  • If accepted, transfer of patient to hospital B
  • Continuation of treatment in hospital B
  • In case of worsened situation requiring different treatment and hospital B unable to care for the patient due to lack of required material: consult our app to find alternative hospital C
  • Transfer to C
  • Continuation of treatment in C


Timely allocation of patients to hospitals with suitable capacity to decrease the patient overflow and ensure highest standard of care for everyone


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