Who We Are

We are an open source project dedicated to unifying help around the world. Our platform enables users to create mutual help networks in their local communities where people in need can send out a local call for help (need in-home care items, require grocery/medical supplies delivery, etc.) and are paired with trusted volunteers who can help.

This project was created in response to the global COVID-19 crisis, leaving people around the world quarantined and unable to leave their houses to obtain necessities without putting themselves or others at risk. To mitigate this, many local groups and organizations, big and small, have started initiatives to help meet these needs.

Unfortunately, a number of these organizations are struggling with certain logistics, such as coordinating their volunteer workforce, prioritizing the most urgent requests, and ensuring that all requests get fulfilled.

Our goal is to address these issues, not only enabling those in need to receive help, but also enabling partner groups and organizations to help more efficiently by mobilizing their volunteers with the help of our own tracking and ticketing system.

We’re part of Helpful Engineering, a collective of volunteers who have congregated to come up with solutions in the COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic, without any commercial goals.

We're also partnering with CheckUpOn.Me, an integral part of the Reach4Help family specifically focusing on faciliating communication between those who want to have the peace of mind of having someone check up on their health reguarly.

Project Status

Right now, we’re developing our MVP and rapidly expanding our reach! We’re currently working on partnerships with other open source projects and support from companies like Google and RapidSOS, as well as speaking to our users and volunteer organizations to design our platform around their needs.

How You Can Contribute

We're currently looking for help on the project in a number of fields. Please reach out if you're experienced and interested in any of these roles:

  • Organization Research & Mapping
  • Partnership Communication / Outreach
  • Community Manager
  • Legal Advisor
  • Social Media Manager

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