Everyone wants to know what is going on in the world, but keeping up with the news can become a chore. Our team wanted to create an app that can simplify the process of news reading, enhance the reading experience, and find similar articles easily. Our goal is to make reading more accessible for individuals who find reading challenging, and more efficient for individuals who enjoy reading and want to learn more.

What it does

ReadShip is a free and easy to user web-application that strips down large news articles into delicious bite-sized snippets. All you need to do is find an article you want to read… that is if you had the time… and ReadShip takes care of the rest! When searching the news URL in ReadShip, our app parses the article and gives all the information you’ll ever need: a short concise summarization of the article, formatted citations that can be used directly, and similar articles suggestions you might enjoy. In addition, ReadShip provides text-to-speech using the Google Cloud API as well as features such as keyword search that will find the latest news articles based on the selected topic. A chrome extension of ReadShip is also available, which allows users to easily generate article summaries without leaving the page!

How we built it

To build ReadShip our team used Python with Flask to create a scalable and flexible restful API, and JavaScript with React to create an intuitive and responsive user interface. For server hosting, we deployed our app on heroku and created a chrome extension. For natural language processing, article-search, and text-to-speech translation, our team used the Aylien, News, and Google Cloud APIs, NLTK to assist in development.

Challenges we ran into

In the process of building ReadShip, our team came across difficulties such as how to deploy our webapp to chrome extension, how to store sound files and retrieve when needed, as well as how to suggest similar articles given the current digest.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are very proud of making an app with many different functions with the help of outside APIs. Our app combines multiple different frameworks and APIs to support all the features we wanted to implement and behave robustly.

What we learned

From building ReadShip, our team learned how to efficiently make API calls in flask and output the result to React for rendering. We learned how to handle different different file types from API calls in our development such as .JSON and .wav. We also learned about the basics of NLP and how to publish code onto chrome extension.

What's next for ReadShip

In the future, we would like to expand the current features. We hope to create a more in depth digest of a given article such as detecting sentiment level and political bias. We also want the ability for users to save their favorite digest, and generate multiple digest and view later.

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