We decided to get out of our comfort zones and learn how to write an android app within 24 hours. We decided to take on this challenge to improve our coding skills and to improve our resumes.

What it does

Utilizing google maps API, it finds the nearest recycling center for you but also has a social aspect to it. The social aspect being, you can compete with your friends to see who has made the most money recycling.

How We built it

We started in Android Studio, we are a team of three. One member manipulated the MySQL database, allowing the user to submit data via PHP scripts. Another member connected the google-maps API, developed a generic search algorithm, compiled a list of recycling plants from the API and parsed the list to search for relevant information and creating the markers for display on the map. I worked on the frontend and UI/UX and lead the design of the social aspect of our app.

Challenges We ran into

Handling Google API interface and optimizing the search algorithm for text place search as well as thread handling to make sure data was immutable. Parsing the JSON file. Integrating all the parts together and making a clean functional menu with Android Studio.

Accomplishments that We're proud of

Everything, I honestly couldn't believe we came this far.

What We learned

How to use Google Maps API, MySQL, JSON, Android Studio, XML, managing cradle dependencies, HTTP * PHP requests and Git Bash.

What's next for Recyclify

Optimizing the search algorithm for nearby recycling plants, add details on specific recycling matter at each plant. Error handling, unit testing and pushing to Git. Far future would be developing the app for iOS.

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android-studio, google-maps, java, mysql, php, sql, xml

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