On social networks, people invited eldery or frail people to hang red clothes on their window to show they need help. The app is allowing people who need help to "wave a red flag" and get help.

What it does

It connects people who need help with neighbors ready to help.  Sick people with COVID-19 or any other disease, or elderly people, can request help for food or other essentials delivery.  Healthier and younger volunteers can provide this help.

How I built it

It is based on firebase and Angular 9.

Challenges I ran into

  • FInding free services for geocoding and maps

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Doing it all by myself, in just 3 weeks, on technologies I didn't really know.

What I learned

Angular (ok, I had some basics), Firebase

What's next for Red Flag

  • Allow to report red flags seen on a window
  • Allow to post requests for relatives or friends who don't have access to technology
  • Find volunteers in your area
  • much, much more

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angular.js, firebase, javascript, typescript

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