RedDrop is an Android App, developed during the #VersusVirus hackathon.

RedDrop for citizens

Red Drop is the Swiss app for blood donation. It serves citizens to minimize their risk of being exposed to COVID-19 while ensuring a smooth, efficient and fast process of donating blood.

Because we want you to stay home as much as possible!

RedDrop for the health ecosystem

Red Drop is the Swiss app to allocate blood as a key resource in the health care supply chain. It serves to target needed blood types and reach recovered COVID-19 patients faster and more efficient.

Because you want to save lifes!


  • Corine Ruckstuhl
  • David Zwick
  • Fabian Schläpfer
  • Francesco Saltatelli
  • Jaco Fuchs
  • Luca Pedrelli
  • Marco Wörz
  • Nicole Staub
  • Timo Wetzel


Android Studio

Checkout git repository via AndroidStudio project manager. Build and run on device


Download APK onto your device from

Install the package and Enjoy!

If you cannot install the app you may need to activate developer mode in you device and allow apps from unknown sources.

Try It out



android, java

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