I’m so impressed by all the efforts made by you and so many others to conquer Covid on all ends. I worry, however, that we are developing solutions that are similar to one another separately and not in a collaborative manner and thereby losing time and resources. So here is a website (ugly, but hopefully useful) to Reduce Redundancy in the massive amount of amazing projects on Covid19!

What it does

Add your own (or another) project to the list and find projects that might be working on something similar, offer support to projects you find interesting, and contact one another. Perhaps, we can even conjoin several projects to make them more impactful!!

How I built it now it's a simple HTML with Airtable iframes - let's change that to encourage collaboration more!

What's next for ReduceRedundancy

  • Increase the number of projects on the list via marketing
  • Encourage collaboration and data exchange among entered projects
  • Match projects that would benefit from collaboration/merger
  • Ideally take off airtable for better user experience and collaboration facilitation

Try It out



airtable, github, hopingforyourinput, html

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