It gave us great opportunity to present the skills as well as to prepare the project as well as increase thinking power

What it does

It locates the home qourentine person so that he will strictly follow the rule and stay at home so that there will be decrease in the Covid-19 Patient

How we built it

We started it with and ardunio code and built the application that will contain all the information of home qourentine person which will be helpful for doctors to locate him.

Challenges we ran into

As there is huge amount of Covid- 19 count in India due to lack of awareness among people. The peoples who are home quarantine are roaming outside their houses, to buy stuff or as  well as to get free from their houses. But they are not thinking that society will directly get  affected and there will be increment in the number of patients. As they are moving out there are  number of people coming in their contact directly or indirectly. Due to this there is increase in  death ratio due to the same. As we know that other countries are facing so many problems even  some countries have surrender against it due to lack of hospitals in their area. To avoid these all  we are working on the Project to restrict the quarantine people not to come in social contact with  other people so that the virus chain will break and will reduce the virus affection count.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are so proud that we are making an project for our India to reduce the patient so that there will be again healthy and happy life for all of us.

What we learned

We learned different codes of Arduino gps tracking also android.

What's next for Reducing Covid19 with the cutting edge technology via IOT

The benefit Will be for our quarantine it is very good for us to work for our quarantine .  The society will get benefit as the home quarantine peoples will not move outside even some  patient are running from hospital then this peoples will stay at home and will not come in contact  with environment then there will not be any harm to people and our aim will get successful there  will be decrease in the Covid-19 patient and when peoples will get cured we will be able to work  and even our quarantine will get completely cured. There will be honor for us That we had  worked For our quarantine.



android, arduino

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