Basically, Reform is a services mobile app for React Native that helps users connect with local services while quarantined at home. For example, posting and buying gigs for grocery delivery, logo design work, software dev, personal services, etc. They can post images on a global feed in the app which builds a community of like-minded people. People can comment on the image posts in the feed as well. For the services aspect, you can also rate users after a transaction and write reviews. There's also a tab for buying products within the app, where we'd connect them with cheap prices for essential goods like hand sanitizer, toilet paper, etc. To do those, we'd use a webscraper to find those items and check their prices, then put them into the app for the user. Stripe API payment processing, google maps API for geolocation, react native for the main app.

Two inspirations for this: 1) Since a lot of businesses are shutdown and people are out of work, this can help them stay mobile and afloat to earn some revenue. 2) With social distancing, people are feeling more isolated, so the global feed and community aspect helps them feel more united.

Tech stack: React Native, JS, Google Cloud, Stripe API, Twilio API, BuilderX, Node as backend, react-native-oauth, and maybe MongoDB

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