Growing up, I have had many experiences living in poverty, and many encounters with others who are as well. Even without a pandemic or any type of national/global emergency, I'm very familiar with the challenges a person may face while being underprivileged. That said, national/global emergencies such as COVID-19 only worsens the living experiences of many underprivileged and homeless individuals/families in many countries such as the Philippines (where I was born). Seeing news and updates on the challenges that people are going through due to the further delays/lack thereof of relief distribution, I was inspired to help in a way that I can - which was to develop a concept for an application that may aid workers on the organization and tracking of relief distribution, while increasing transparency for citizens.

What it does

RESCUE, or Relief Evaluation System for Control Units in Emergency may act as a mobile app or a website that aims to assist in the distribution and tracking of aid and relief goods to families and individuals. The key components of RESCUE is first, there are three type of accounts you can register as, you can log in through a governmental account, for instance as a Barangay Captain/Worker, you can log in as an NGO or a community group member, or you can log in as a regular citizen and have an  external perspective and view the progress of relief distribution in your area. Second, the app will be featuring a map, presenting a general overview on current progress. Third, the app will have a Tracker which can be accessed and edited except for users logged in as regular citizens. Quezon City was used as an example since this app can assist in monitoring relief distribution on such a large scale given the city’s area. Additional components include the Information Verification Agreement, a direct link for inquiries, and galleries where citizens can be updated through photos and videos. This may also be used for other national emergencies such as Natural Disasters.

How I built it

For my video demo, I used the Apper mobile app to create a general overview of RESCUE. As per the concept, I studied the system of the government of the Philippines and their relief management and applied their system to my mobile app.

Challenges I ran into

One of the most prominent challenges I faced is attempting to further customize the RESCUE app and adding components I'd otherwise input if there was an option given that I could. For instance, I wanted to show how the "Tracker" sheet may automatically be printed as a spreadsheet form/report, or add in codes that could be given for each Barangays when logging in to their accounts.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am currently proud of trying to innovate with the intent of helping others, even with lack of software knowledge. As of now, I am a part of an undergraduate research opportunity program at the University of Toronto, where I am focusing on the study of agricultural, economical, and social issues that Filipino farmers face in the Philippines.

What I learned

I've learned about focusing on your intent on helping other people - otherwise I would have only let my lack of software knowledge prevent me from working on this project.

What's next for Relief Evaluation System for Control Units in Emergencies

In the very near future, I hope to have RESCUE customized even more so then its real-life application probability may increase.


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