Inspiration: SARS , H1N1, COVID19 etc are pandemic which has taken lives of people world over time and again, bringing economies to standstill.

Build solutions which are low cost , handheld and have a huge social impact for the society, suitable for Developed ,Developing and economically weak countries worldwide to provide same healthcare services for all.

What it does: Our Solution is a Smart Diagnostic handheld device using Near Infrared (NIR) spectroscopy to monitor the condition of the Covid 19 patients respiratory system and report the condition remotely to the Doctor. NIR sensors has been used widely in Medical devices , because it can penetrate through Body Tissue\Muscle and reflect back different wavelengths based on the type of tissue\muscle or liquid. Our solution consists of small NIR sensors placed on the patients chest at various points which can remotely transmit the different wavelengths and determine Blockages , Liquid collection and inflammation in the lungs. Additionally using Machine learning Datasets of Covid19 patients we can accurately predict the future condition of the patients lungs and take necessary actions.

How we built it: We will build it from scratch using NIR Sensors to monitor the Lungs

Challenges we ran into: We need to build the idea now

Accomplishments that we're proud of

What we learned

What's next for Remote Monitoring of Covid19 patient using NIR Spectroscopy



arduino, c, machine-learning, python, raspberry-pi

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