Remote-work & remote-life can become new key efforts in limiting CO2 emissions.  We have been forced into an experiment. A unique opportunity to leapfrog over polluting legacy life modes to remote work and "remote everything".

What it does

An advocacy project based on scientific evidence. Validating real data which makes sense for business (they save time and expenses because travel is decreased, and ultimately office rent and heating etc. expenses go down)

It also makes sense for governments. For example tax incentives or even emission trading credits for remote work that can be shown to be energy efficient and lessen emissions.

The most enjoyable way to save the planet - remote work !

-- We need to validate the assumptions and make calculations of the environmental and business benefits of remote work (and remote life by extension). Then- convince society, businesses and governments of the benefits. It's not a technology project - we are not about developing a gadget (unless you have a great idea for one!)

How we built it

The project (called FutureSocietyNow) was initially formed at HackForce hackathon in Latvia and Hack the Crisis hackathon in Finland in March 2020.

Challenges we ran into

The topic is huge and complex - that's why systemic thinking and data validation is needed. To conquer the elephant as we are blindfolded and only touch the trunk or the tail.

What's next for RemoteSocietyNow

Join us to work on it!

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