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Present system of emergency reporting and responding is outdated and sans latest technologies. The manual process of dialing a 108 or 112 number in an emergency is both time consuming and prone to human errors like inaccurate information transfer. Our product “Rescuezy” overcomes these hurdles by using Internet, GPS and AI to replace the existing system. It enables people to send distress signals via a single click and alerts the nearest emergency vehicles with accurate information in no time. The present process involves reporting via verbally communicating accident details over an emergency number followed by manual identification of nearest ambulance by operators and finally transporting the victim to nearest hospital. Problems associated with the traditional approach are: 1.Dialing incorrect emergency number due to panic/hurry. 2.The emergency dialed number is busy after a number of tries incurs in delay or absence  of reporting accidents.

  1. Inaccurate and time consuming verbal reporting of an accident location. 4.High time consuming process for identification of nearest and most suitable ambulance.
  2. Wrong route selection to transport victim to hospital.
    Moreover, the crash victims are evacuated either by the ambulances of the health department or by the police by their semi-equipped patrol vehicles through the emergency dial number or are evacuated by private ambulances and common citizen by private efforts by the private or health department ambulances, by the semi-equipped patrol vehicles of police through dialing the emergency number and by the efforts of the common citizens. As described above, it is manual process and is not coordinated, hence needs to be brought to a common platform for efficient utilization of the existing resources.
    There is dire need to bring the government ambulances, NGO’s ambulances and highway patrol vehicles operating with the police department on a common digital web based platform.

With the aim of speeding up and correcting the traditional emergency service providing process we have built “Rescuezy”. “Rescuezy” is a Uber/Ola like service but dedicated towards emergency response vehicles ( public/private ambulances, fire brigades and police patrol vehicles) only.  With Rescuezy we have built a unified national level emergency vehicle network where both public and private sectors emergency vehicles are listed. Rescuezy has two mobile based applications which leverages the use of Internet, Global Positioning System (GPS) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to provide rapid emergency services at an affordable cost to general public. It enables accurate information transfer and faster response time in critical first hour after the accident. With Rescuezy, people can send distress signals via clicking a single button on their mobiles. The click sends a precise location (accurate up to 12 meters) along with an image of the emergency to an AI based engine. The engine keeps track of real time location of all emergency response vehicles using a mobile application “Rescuezy Driver” with the drivers. Upon receiving a distress signal, the AI system finds multiple nearest, suitable and available emergency response vehicles and alerts them instantaneously. The notification includes the image and precise location of the emergency along with the fastest available route to it. Ambulance drivers can either accept or reject the incoming signal after verifying the image and location. Upon accepting, the driver will be shown the shortest route and the sender will be informed about the dispatched vehicle with its live tracking. Also, redundant requests for the same emergency are automatically removed by our system. Selection of the best suited emergency response vehicle for an emergency is extremely crucial as it is a deciding factor of life and death. Our AI engine selects the nearest, available and most suited vehicle via smart algorithms. Furthermore, Rescuezy’s UI is built keeping in mind the easiness a victim requires while in panic. It has a minimalistic design which is quick and user friendly. On top of it all Rescuezy consumes minimum internet bandwidth in sending and receiving requests.



flask, machine-learning, python, react

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