Keeping track of the COVID-19 mitigation process, I was constantly searching for methods for the better use of technology to provide meaningful data to health officials. Contact tracing technology was one of them, but due to privacy concerns I realized may not be feasible. In addition, I've been eagerly awaiting news alerting on the reopening of the economy for the return to normalcy, and continuing my ongoing relationship with local restaurant owners for work.

Realizing that most of my clients have been lacking the necessary technology to operate pre-COVID-19 conditions, I knew it would be an even bigger hurdle getting through the strict guidelines in place, specifically those within the Opening America Again by the White House, in addition to state / local laws.

By building a foundational application for restaurant owners, we can learn and evolve the platform to align with new guideline updates and requirements.  The platform will provide the necessary data and tools to restaurant owners to be equipped with handling the limitations that will affect their operation, and be in sync with customers so all parties are informed and safe.


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