Achieving the United Nations Sustainable Developmental Goals.

What it does

It allows users to connect and solve social issues. It provides a range of tools and resources, which increases the probability of successfully reaching a solution.

Rikyas is a website. Users can create an account and sign on to the website. Rikyas is designed to unite communities around solving common social problems. Users can work on any social issue. However, Rikyas has been designed with categories, which will direct the user's focus to the United Nations Sustainable Developmental Goals.

Rikyas empowers its users by providing a platform designed to enable open communication and by providing tools to increase the probability of successfully solving an issue. It will also serve as an archive of social collaboration across the globe.

Rikyas users can use the tools available to raise donations, onboard volunteers, boost events, create petitions, document best practices and create archives of valuable subject matter. They will also be able to connect with Advisors (domain experts) to vet or rate innovative ideas or approaches.

Rikyas also allows users to make Teams around issues with like-minded people sharing responsibilities to implement an execution plan.

It is also a marketplace for NGOs, CSRs and other organizations to pool resources or to find appropriate partners.  NGOs and CSRs may also join teams to increase the chances of successfully solving problems.

Rikyas will increase the ease of participating in social work. It will simplify ways for the general public to contribute to social causes with continuity and without fatigue. This simplification may increase the number of people participating in community welfare activities.

How I built it

With Microsoft Technologies

Challenges I ran into

Ensuring focus remains directed towards solutions.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Partial completion of the design idea.

What I learned

When building and designing a new product be patient.

What's next for Rikyas

We will work on completing the design and get feedback from test groups.

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