When my friends were off to proms, homecomings and college visits I went to doctors, hospitals and treatment centers.

It was the loneliness experiences of my life. 10/10 do not recommend getting sick as a kid.

I wondered if there were others my age going through debilitating health issues- and how they were coping/ managing? So it inspired the creation of Riley App

Riley App is a mobile health tech platform that just launched in Washington D.C. where patients can meet others with the same age, location, passions and  health condition. People with the same health condition can talk to each other about best doctors, treatments, dating with a health issue, school with a health issue, or coping mechanisms that work best

We built the app with a team of co-founders for IOS version, and have recently launched in the the app store.

Our biggest challenge is partnering with groups that would benefit from our personalized support network.

As a team, we are thankful to have co-created an app with our stakeholders and members to fulfill an emotional need that has not been met for patients

I have learned that patients suffer the most mental health issues across the board, and given the recent COVID-19 pandemic, patients have many fears about their future, so having a community and network that gets them helps with getting needed answers, comparing and contrasting symptoms and coping mechanisms.

Riley App hopes to partner with hospitals, NGOs, patient groups that would be able to provide our support network to patients that are in need of community.

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