Rintez Medical Companion is a cross-platform app which, at this time, is targeting Coronavirus (COVID-19). I will need your help, your opinions (bad ones, good ones, all matters) and to spread it to the world. The app will be free to use and is looking to scale up different diseases but, for now, we will focus on Coronavirus. The project name is Rintez. I have already assembled a team but anyone who wants to join, please do. This is a verrryy early stage of development. I intend to have it ready until the 11th of April. Let me know your thoughts

Update: we already have 5 volunteers ready to help. Thank you so much for the involvement, the dedication, for the time and know-how you will put in. I have no words, hat off!

We need medics, researchers, medical personnel involved in the Coronavirus at this time. Please have a chat, spread the message. This will help us a lot to create the proper patterns of recognition, development and treatment of the Coronavirus.

We are targeting the first released around 11th of April 2020 (+/- 2 days).

The website will be launched in a rough state of development late Thursday (26th of March 2020).

Currently exiting team members: Jacopo Franco - Ideas and workflow  Auras Mihai - Web design and web development  Anna Lewandowska  Alina Matei  Dimitris Effraimidis - A.I. and Mobile app  Andrei Airinei - Web design and web development  Alexandru Fatu - Graphic design and brand design  Andrei Fatu - Graphic design and brand design  Radu Gramatovici - Consultant  Marius Dumitran - Consultant  Catalin Bobe - System architecture, Project management

How far along it is: Prototype

Demo, mockups, or documentation: Not yet

Tasks that need to get done: Anything is needed.

Location: Worldwide  How to get in touch:



ai-applied-language-detection, android, ios, kotlin, machine-learning, natural-language-processing, python

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