A large part of the economic and social growth in the last 20 years is due to social mobility under the form of schools, internships, jobs or simply vacations. The current pandemic will affect this mobility on the long term. Without it, we run the risk of returning to a reduced area of experiences, interactions, ideas and therefore a contraction of dreams, aspirations and implicitly of interior capacities. In order to maintain and develop the multicultural, transnational and global spirit we created ROds as an evolution support pillar.

What it does

This is why we are building an application through which pupils/students/graduates from a part of the world to interact actively with real experiences, people, schools, universities, centers, firms, programs, events and communities from other parts of the world…BUT in a reversed way. If until now we explored the global resources by searching new experiences, interactions, information to extend our horizon and make it more dynamic and flexible, through the ROds application we help pupils and students travel through global resources starting from practical and real elements such as miniJobs, miniInternships, miniTasks. In a first phase, we will target the most dynamic fields: technology, science, research, entrepreneurship and social media.

How I built it

Our activity has been based on this active transnational concept. We have put youths in contact with all the important places in the world. In the context of travel restrictions, we see an opportunity to take this idea further through online long term interactions as compared to short term international stages.  When building the project we based it on our past global experience, but also on the vast international network that we already have.,,

Challenges I ran into

Our inspiration came not only from the COVID reality, but also from the need of pupils and students to maximize their experiences, resources, international network.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We have over 6500 pupils and students that we already connected to international resources and 300 who attended international stages at CERN, NASA, Silicon Valley, Los Angeles aeronautic area, Tokyo, Australia, Singapore.

What I learned

Through the ROds app the number of the beneficiaries can grow exponentially.  This will allow for a niche project to be taken in the classroom or anywhere they are when they need the information or the real experience. If every educational institution would utilize this in the classroom

What's next for ROds

ROds is today only in concept stage and will be followed by implementation in the next 6-12 months. Costs: Research and Customer development, Product definition (UX/UI design), Product development (IOS, Android, Backend, web Admin), Maintenance, Product Landing Page, Marketing.   Fees: Fee for schools, universities, companies;    Free for pupils, students

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