The silver lining of the worldwide impacts of COVID-19 is the significant improvement in air quality, but, as we return "back to normal", most people will not realize the effectiveness of collective change and air quality will worsen again which overwhelmingly affects disadvantaged communities. Before we transition "back to normal", it is now a perfect time to start marketing the power of long-lasting collective change through the gamification of daily individualized high impact challenges/behavioral changes for the user while informing the user of the impact through data and trends.

What it does

  • Easy questionnaire on carbon footprint
  • Impact calculated to provide personal results
  • Tailored but achievable daily challenges
  • User can see how they measure up with overall AQI baselines and access resources
  • Organization support via donations

How we built it

  • Python with jupyter notebook for data analysis
  • Figma to create mockups and prototype of app

Challenges we ran into

  • How to simplify the concept of one's carbon footprint while encouraging behavioral change even though the benefits is in the distant future
  • What will compel users to return to the app

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Team united to accomplish a project on a topic we are passionate about
  • Team learned just for the sake of learning!

What we learned

  • Data on environmental and health impacts
  • More python
  • UX best practices

What's next for COVID-19 & Sustainability (Roo App)

  • Implementation with code
  • Fine tune some the profile evaluation questions
  • Compile more localized recommendations and challenges for different user profiles

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