My team and I get inspiration through observations that we have done for some time, we see that many people are forced to leave the house such as to the mall, shopping center to buy groceries, but they do not know whether the mall is crowded or empty of visitors, so worries arise when I want to go out, so it occurred to us to create an application that displays crowd traffic at the place you want to visit to make it easier for others to ascertain whether the place to be visited is quiet or crowded

What it does

makes it easy to ensure that the place you are visiting is busy or not so that it reduces physical contact with others

How I built it

We build it using java,xml,firebase

Challenges I ran into

the challenge we face is the difficulty of getting together and discussing the projects that will be created due to the widespread of corona virus

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The project are finished and it work out well

What I learned

What we learn here is patience and hard work, where we have to communicate remotely, creating this project with minimal facilities, but all of that we can complete also with good cooperation

What's next for Safe at the store

Developing this project for the better, benefiting people throughout the world, gets funding from our campus



firebase, java, xml

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